HMEA In-Service Conference

March 26th, 2022

"Creative Music Teaching in

the 21st Century Classrooms"

Location: University of Hawai`i, Manoa, Music Department

Keynote Speakers




Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser 



  • The Joy of Inspired Teaching
  • The Crucial Role the Teacher Plays in Music Learning






  • Comprehensive Music Programs: Thinking Beyond our Normal Ensemble Groupings





Megann Salā




Keenan Dolan

  • Engaging, Energizing, and Effective Warm-Ups for Young Singers

Olivia Arnold

  • Fostering Community in Choir





Mallory Alekna




  • Beginning Strings: Helping Students Get from Day 1 to Twinkle with Ease

General Music



Georgia Newlin

  • Folk Tunes that Pop!



Amanda Lippert

  • Take 2: Re-Envisioning Elementary Music During COVID-19






Tadahiro Meya





Cathlyn Momohara-Ho

  • Planning Your Financial Future

 Nicholas Matherne

Elizabeth Baker






Aoi Shinagawa







Mariko Niosco







Richard Akamine

  • E Holomua Kākou: Navigating the First Few Years of Teaching, A Panel Discussion

HMEA Mission Statement

The aims and purposes of HMEA shall be: (a) to develop and promote music and music education throughout the state of Hawai`i and (b) to promote mutual cooperation and good will among its members.

HMEA Constitution
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