HMEA In-Service Conference

January 18 - 19, 2020

"Creative Music Teaching in

the 21st Century Classrooms"

Location: University of Hawai`i, Manoa, Music Department

HMEA In-Service Conference

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Charles Menghini

Hal Leonard

The Career Music Teacher: How to Sustain Your Passion

Kathleen D. Sanz

NAfME President


Alec Schumacker

Hawai'i Pacific University

Choral Improvisation Games Using Solfege

James Flora

Arizona State University

Tips and Tools for Training Young Male Voices

Olga Flora

University of Nevada, Reno

Body + Sound + Motion: Vocal Techniques for the Choral Classroom

General Music

Amanda Lippert

Punahou School

Rhythm Reading Fun: Demystifying Music Literacy with Little Ones

Jace Saplan

University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Self-Care and Mindfulness; wellness and intention for the music educator and classroom

Kerri Glickstein

Lana'i High & Elementary School

Popular Music Education and Modern Band

Nicholas Matherne

University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Band Directors are from Jupiter and Choir Directors are from Saturn: What we can learn from each other to enhance our rehearsals


Mark Ammons

Brigham Young University

Building a jazz music program from the ground up


Mallory Alekna

Arizona State University

Exciting Ideas for Strings and Orchestra

Charles Menghini

Hal Leonard

Especially for Elementary and Middle School Directors,

Authentic Assessment: Tracking the growth and Development of Band (Music) Students

Grayson Mento

Mililani Middle School

Student Leadership, Autonomy, and Alternative Formats in Instrumental Education

Performance & Conducting

Jesse Leyva

Conductor's Institute Featuring the U.S. Pacific Fleet Band and Dr. Jesse Leyva and in Cooperation with the Oahu Band Director's Association

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HMEA Mission Statement

The aims and purposes of HMEA shall be: (a) to develop and promote music and music education throughout the state of Hawai`i and (b) to promote mutual cooperation and good will among its members.

HMEA Constitution
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