HMEA In-Service Conference

January 13 - 14, 2018

"Creative Music Teaching in

the 21st Century Classrooms"

Location: University of Hawai`i, Manoa, Music Department

HMEA In-Service Conference

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Keynote Speakers

Denese Odegaard

  • Keynote - Raising the Bar Holding Students Accountable 

Learn the seven strategies for assessment (formative assessment) to answer questions: "Where am I going?", "Where am I now?", and "How Do I Close the Gaps?".  Getting and giving immediate feedback assists both student and teacher in improving student growth.  

Dr. Leonard Tan

  • Keynote - The Value of Traditional Large Ensembles in the 21st Century: Research Insights from Singapore

This session presents isights from research on large ensembles in Singapore, and shows how fresh, creative curricular approaches can further unleash their educational potential.  

General & Choral Music


James Flora and Dr. Olga Flora Perez

  • "Alexander Technique, Body Mapping & Yoga for Connecting the Breath in Singing" 

This workshop focuses on discovering the sensations in the body and core that generate proper resonance and breath support using Alexander Technique, body mapping concepts and yoga.

  • Vocal Health Seminar

 The "Vocal Health Seminar" by Dr. Olga Perez Flora and Prof. James Flora is a workshop on the tenants of vocal health including physical, vocal and mental health for singers.

Jeremy Kirk

  • Building Community Through Drumming: Drum Circle Facilitation Workshop

Drum circles help people connect to each other through music, promote a spirit of community, and celebrate life through a shared experience.  This session will help educators learn to lead and facilitate a drum circle to help strengthen and nourish their school and community.  

  • Creating a Paperless Classroom: Tech Tools for Music Education

This clinic will focus on strategies to help music educators implement a paperless studio.  Applicable to current and future educators on all levels - K-12, collegiate, and private studio - this session will present resources for paperless tools, assessment, blended learning, A/V technology, and general productivity.  Bring your own device and walk away ready to go green and enhance your teaching through technology!

Alec Schumacker

  • Easy as I, ii, iii: Teaching Chordal Analysis in an Ensemble Setting

This session will give teachers tricks to help their singers learn chordal analysis through solfege.


Gabriel Woods

  • "I am Gifted!  Feed Me Literacy in Band"

Attendees will learn techniques on how to teach literacy in band class for gifted and special education students.  Topics include assessment, literacy standards, gifted students, special education students, and much more.

Judith Durocher Sidlowski

  • Vocal Pedagogy in the Choral Rehearsal, Part I and Part II

"I taught choral music for 27 years.  After retiring I opened a voice studio. The things I learned teaching private voice lessons have revolutionized my teaching and conducting.  Come find out why."

Denese Odegaard

  • How to Facilitate Use of the ASTA Curriculum with the New Music Standards

When the ASTA curriculum was written, the 1994 standards were embedding into the publication.  Merging the curriculum and new music standards is seamless.

Laura Webster

  • Folk Dance as Musical Process - the Dvorak Principal!

Folk dance has long been considered beneficial for all students in terms of kinesthetic development, beat competency and cultural awareness among a host of other benefits.  This session will show how starting with movement, and using it throughout the learning process will yield a deeper understanding of the music concepts and how folk dance can become a vehicle to creating music in the classroom.

  • Sing the Schulwerk! Movement in the Choral Classroom

The Orff Schulwerk approach is not just for general music!  Come explore movement possibilities for the choral classroom for all age levels with focus on older children.  Movement will be used to teach as well as have possibilities for performance.  We will use Britten's Ceremony of Carols specifically.  Come and sing and dance!

Norm Dea

  • Service to the Profession, "What's in it for me?"

A interactive roundtable and honest and blunt discussion on the benefits of serving the profession through active involvement in your local and state music education organizations.

Dr. Leonard Tan

  • Towards Lifelong Learning: Conceptualizing Conceptual Teaching in Large Ensembles 

This workshop presents concrete strategies on weaving conceptual teaching into rehearsals.  The goal is to nurture independent musicians with a lifelong love for musical learning.  

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HMEA Mission Statement

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