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2021 All State `Ukulele:

January 16, 2021



1. What did you enjoy most about the All-State 'Ukulele experience?

  • Rehearsal time with the teachers
  • Social time (spending time with friends; making new friends)
  • The performance
  • All of the above

2. Please describe one thing you learned from this experience?

  • I learned new songs that I can now play on the ukulele.
  • I learned how to read notes and now can play more songs by reading notes.
  • I learned how to read music better and many things about music reading.
  • Reading notes, picking, and new strumming style
  • From this experience, I've learned that where you pluck/strum affects the sound produced. If you block the sound hole, not as much sound would be projected compared to playing more near to the fingerboard.

3. In one sentence, what would you tell a friend about the experience of playing in the All-State `Ukulele?

  • I would say,  " I had a great time, and it was a great experience. I hope to do it again next year!"
  • It's such a great experience for an ukulele player.
  • It was a lot of fun and I think you would really enjoy it because it was an experience you will never forget.
  • I loved playing with everyone and it was a unique experience and I really hope I can join the next All-Stat Ukulele event.
  • I would tell them: "While we were playing the pieces on the ukulele, the adults (the teachers) there sang like heaven! I'm hoping to participate again, next year."

From parents:

  • My daughter was very excited about getting to practice and play her ukulele with others. She said the teachers were also very welcoming and felt very comfortable being there.  She hopes to be a part of it again next year. Thank you!
  • My family enjoyed and are grateful for this amazing experience, my daughter Hailey's love for music & Ukulele has definitely grown because of this opportunity. Thank you so much for your amazing work and for your time you put into this performance!!
  • It was a wonderful opportunity for our daughter to meet new educators and students from other schools, learn from music professors, learn new music and develop new skills.  The teachers were amazing as well as the arrangements...a great pleasure to listen to! Thank you for the experience! It was a entertaining and good event and was accommodating and well organized. I liked watching my child and the rest perform on stage full of passion and talent. I especially enjoyed hearing the older ones (teachers) sing as they harmonized with each other.

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