1. Drink to Me only with Thine Eyes

DRINK TO ME - Score and parts.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 41.5 KB

2. Machine Age (March)

MACHINE AGE MARCH - Score and parts.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 119.2 KB

3. Mary had a little lamb

MARY HAD A LAMB - Score and parts.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 64.5 KB

4. Music Box

MUSIC BOX - Full Score.pdf
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5. Poly Wolly Doodle

POLLY WOLLY - Score and parts.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 67.4 KB

6. Streets of Laredo

STS OF LAREDO - Full Score.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 30.7 KB

7. Trio No 1

TRIO NO. 1 - Score and parts.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 46.3 KB

8. Trio No 2

TRIO NO. 2 - Score and parts.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 68.4 KB

9. Trio No 3

TRIO NO. 3 - Score and parts.pdf
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Comments: 5
  • #5

    Shepherd Kawakami (Monday, 13 May 2019 13:07)

    1. I’m ok with this song. It’s not really about wine or drinking. They’re speaking metaphorically. It’s historical literature!
    2-9 Some of these look too easy, but we won’t know until we try them with the students. It’ll depend on what level they’re at. We might eliminate some songs. Polly might not be too popular with today’s students.

  • #4

    Katherine Alarcio (Saturday, 11 May 2019 00:32)

    1. Looks to be an appropriate level, but I agree with the previous comments about the song possibly not being the best fit.
    2. This piece looks like it could potentially be a little more difficult, especially with the sharps/flats, as well as the entrances on the off beats. Ukulele part 1 might also have a hard time keeping track of their entrance, with all the rests in between.
    3. This one looks like an appropriate level as well. I’ve found that many of my students also enjoy playing a familiar tune.
    4. Looks good - definitely seems doable.
    5. Also looks good.
    6. Looks good.
    7. Seems doable.
    8. Looks like it could be doable, as long as the students are able to hold a steady beat the whole time and not speed up.
    9. I agree that this one might also be a bit difficult if the students are not already comfortable coming in on off beats.

    I agree that some Asian tunes would be nice! But I also agree with Kurt - I’m sure the demographics of the school would play a big part in whether or not the students would connect with the songs.

  • #3

    Kurt G. (Thursday, 09 May 2019 02:47)

    1. A familiar tune that looks easy to teach and play, but I can see in current times a parent or audience member may complain that this song is inappropriate for a middle school performance.
    2. My main concern is if the students can keep tempo and syncopated rhythms while playing their individual parts. It might be doable with the older middle school students.
    The positions to find the sharps and flats are not too hard to find if it is taught with picking tablature as a supplemental learning tool to figure out finger positions.
    Ukulele 6 could be challenging unless these are the older middle school students with pretty good hand eye coordination. It looks like the chord would be picked with three fingers to get the staccato articulation instead of strummed.
    3. This song is doable. It is a familiar tune and that might help them learn it quickly. Surprisingly, some of my high school students actually appreciated having these simple song melodies to pick because it was something familiar to them. Some sang along too because I provided the lyrics with the picking tablature.
    4. Should be good.
    5. Good overall.
    Dr. Loong, I think we can try for an Asian song, but that would depend on the demographics of the students selected. As long as it just picking and no vocals, it should be okay. My high school students struggled to follow along to songs in Hawaiian and Spanish, unless it was a super popular like Despacito or if the song has an English lyric version for them to reference too. But maybe the middle school students will be more flexible and open-minded compared to my high school students.
    6. Looks good
    7. Looks good.
    8. Might be doable, as almost everyone will be doing eighth notes.
    9. Might be challenging unless they are great at lining up their syncopated rhythms.

  • #2

    Kevin Morita (Tuesday, 07 May 2019 16:46)

    1. I agree, the song looks like the right level, but since the song is about wine, it may not be the best fit.
    2.This one looks challenging, might be difficult for the middle school students. Depends on how comfortable they are with sharps/flats and counting off beats.
    3. Another doable one, Lightly Row might be a good substitution for this piece.
    4. Good, I think this one will work well.
    5. This one also works, might be a little dated for the middle school kids, but it would be good for them to know the tune.
    6. Good.
    7. and 8. I agree, these should be good for their level.
    9. Similar to #2, students will have to be comfortable with and maintaining upbeat rhythms.

    2 and 9 are probably the most difficult in this bunch. Asian tunes would be a good addition or replacement to the upbeat pieces.

  • #1

    chetyeng (Sunday, 05 May 2019 20:00)

    1. I don't think it is appropriate we have a song that is about drinking.
    2. Sharps and flats, is this okay?
    3. I am afraid the title will turn the students off. What do you think?
    4. Music Box - ok
    5. Probably Shepherd and me are the ones who know this song. Should we ask him arrange some Asian (Korean, Japanese, or Chinese) pieces?
    6. Streets of Laredo - ok
    7. & 8. Trio No 1 & 2 - ok
    9. Trio No 3 - a little bit challenging. What do you think?

    Suggestion: Maybe ask him to arrange two Asian songs, and one song that students can sing and `ukulele at the same time? I can arrange some one to dance with hula.

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