1. Abide with me

ABIDE WITH ME - Full Score.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 30.1 KB

2. Aura Lee (quartet)

AURA LEE - Full Score.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 30.6 KB

3. Aura Lee (trio with tab)

AURA LEE trio - Full Score.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 45.3 KB

4. Brahms Lullaby

BRAHMS LULLABYE - Full Score.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 27.2 KB

5. Etude No. 2

Etude No. 2 A - Full Score.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 56.1 KB

6. Frere Jacques

FR. JACQUES - Full Score.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 19.6 KB

7. Ode to Joy

ODE TO JOY - Full Score.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 25.6 KB

8. White Sandy Beach

WHITE SANDY BEACH - Score and parts.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 68.8 KB

9. Waimanalo Blues (voice + Quertet)

Adobe Acrobat Document 27.9 KB

10. Pearly Shells (Voice and Quartet)

(He didn't send me the score)

Comments: 4
  • #4

    Katherine Alarcio (Saturday, 11 May 2019 02:53)

    1. Looks good
    2. Doable for sure, maybe a little simple for high school
    3. Look good; I like the mixture of strumming and picking
    4. Look good; pretty repetitive
    5. Good, seems like it could be a nice change from the other pieces
    6. I agree that this one is also easy. I agree about the counter melody; maybe some strumming as well?
    7. Looks good, a nice familiar tune
    8. Looks good
    9. Looks good, the layout seems a little confusing though

    But yes I agree with Dr. Loong; some more challenging pieces for the high school students might be nice

  • #3

    Kurt G. (Thursday, 09 May 2019 03:40)

    1. ABIDE WITH ME - Looks good, shouldn’t be too hard.
    2. AURA LEE (4-PART) - Looks simple, but doable.
    3. AURA LEE (TRIO) - I like that it is a combination of picking and strumming together. It shows more talent and skill for the high school group. Should be doable.
    4. BRAHMS LULLABY - Simple, but may feel repetitive. Dynamic changes may not be enough considering the 4-part Aura Lee (upload #2) is composed in a similar fashion
    5. ETUDE NO. 2 Could be a fun challenging piece and more interesting use of dynamics throughout and lining up all the 8th notes
    6. FRERE JACQUES - Might be too easy, but maybe the students would enjoy it. I agree with Kevin, counter melody added to the round may make it more interesting for the students
    7. ODE TO JOY - Looks good and may sound familiar to some students.
    8. WHITE SANDY BEACH - Looks doable and not too repetitive looking.
    9. WAIMANALO BLUES - Chords are strummable. Not sure if my students would know this song. Majority are more into reggae and more recent Hawaii performing groups or artists such as Kolohe Kai, Ekolu, Anuhea, Israel Kamakawiwa‘ole. And most of my students don’t sing the songs that we learn confidently. Their coordination for strumming or singing gets thrown off when put together or they sing out of tune and they are aware of that and do not want to feel embarrassed by it.

    Based on my students, the majority are more into reggae and current popular Hawaii Island music or other popular music and some oldies. While they may not be the ones that end up participating in this, this appears to be the one unifying factor for most of my students who I would consider for this performance. If there were some picking music or strum and sing music in this area, their motivation may be higher. They may be more open to learning Hawaiian songs, but unless they’re ethnicity is Asian or they are interested in Asian music (if anything, it is Korean pop music or music from Japanese TV/Movie animation), I’m not sure if my students would be open-minded enough to learn Asian music unless it is a popular song or tune.

  • #2

    Kevin Morita (Tuesday, 07 May 2019 16:55)

    1. Good
    2. Good
    3. Good
    4. Looks simple, but good
    5. Good
    6. Simple, could use a counter melody. I agree, this one is easy
    7. Good
    8. Good
    9. Good

    I think all the pieces will work, but they may be too easy for the high school group. I know it depends on the students who register, but the accompaniment parts are very similar and simple across the pieces. The pieces select are appropriate, but the arrangements themselves might be easy for the students who sign up for the group.

  • #1

    chetyeng (Sunday, 05 May 2019 20:07)

    1. Abide with me - not too hard, ok
    2. Aura Lee - not too hard, ok
    3. Aura Lee (Trio) - ok
    4. Brahms Lullaby - ok
    5. Etude No 2 - ok
    6. Frere Jacques - too easy
    7. Ode to Joy - Easy?
    8. White Sandy Beach, sing and play - ok
    9. Waimanalo Blues, sing and play - ok
    10. No score

    Suggestion: Arrange more challenging pieces, maybe Hawaiian and Asian pieces?

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